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Tugas Creativity Paradox

analisis dan berikan komentar pribadi Anda terhadap 10 sikap paradok tersebut.

Berikut ini adalah 10 sikap paradok yang dinyatakan oleh Mihaly:

1. Creative people have a great deal of physical energy, but they’re also often quiet and at rest.

2. Creative people tend to be smart yet naive at the same time.

3. Creative people combine playfulness and discipline, or responsibility and irresponsibility.

4. Creative people alternate between imagination and fantasy, and a rooted sense of reality.

5. Creative people trend to be both extroverted and introverted.

6. Creative people are humble and proud at the same time.

7. Creative people, to an extent, escape rigid gender role stereotyping.

8. Creative people are both rebellious and conservative.

9. Most creative people are very passionate about their work, yet they can be extremely objective about it as well.

10. Creative people’s openness and sensitivity often exposes them to suffering and pain, yet also to a great deal of enjoyment.

From Creativity: The Work and Lives of 91 Eminent People, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, published by HarperCollins, 1996.

Analisis dan komentar saya :

Sri Annisa Shaliyasih

Nim 19006120

1. Being creative doesn’t mean talkative. In saving physical energy, people will recharge their ideas. When the ideas come out, it will be like “Wow”. Too much talking will use your physical energy. So, the better ideas will came if we do less talking.

2. People sometimes do not realize small things around. They are too focus on what they are doing. Or maybe like pepatah said “Gajah di pelupuk mata kadang tak tampak”. Small things that matters sometimes ignored by people.

3. “Work Hard, Play Hard”. People will be motivated by something that they will get at the end (after they finish all their responsibility). They think that they deserve to having some fun after they work hard for their responsibilities in life. I totally agree with this..

4. There is a huge gap between reality and fantasy. Fantasy is more like our hopes, our dream, and it is not 100% going to happen. Reality is something that we face or currently happened in our lives. It is Real. Maybe people alternate their options into these totally-different kinds of things. Or they combine it in order to make the reality goes like their expectations.

5. The compilation of introverted and ekstroverted will be like Neutral! They can show their feelings or emotions to other people but they can also hide them when they think its necessary.

6. Proud does not mean arrogant. It does not mean something bad. it is like proud of what they already done hardly. Of course people can be humble and proud at the same time. Proud can be not shown to other people. It is like a personal feeling that is for ourselves. It can be called personal satisfaction.

7. We cannot see people based on their gender. Creative people will see other people from unlimited point of view and aspects. Because their thought does not bounded by limitation. Every human has their own strengths and weaknesses.

8. Break the rules sometimes is fun. Creative people will break the rules if the rules bound their creativity. But when the regulation can ruin everything ( ex: law), they will prefer to obey than break it.

9. If their job related to their favorite things, they will be excited about it. And then they will forget about company’s goal or other important thing. But when they have pressure that can impact so many things (other people, company’s image etc), they can be so objective

10. Most of enjoyment sometimes needs pain at first. It caused by their sensitivity that makes them can be easily feel the emotion. But after that, they will figure something out and it creates their own happiness. That is called enjoyment that maybe other people cannot understand

Thank paakk 🙂


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when a vampire try not to drink the most delicious blood


I knew at first that this novel will be a ‘booming’ one. But since i am not that kind of thick book consumer, so i just wait for the movie, because i just can sit, watch, and enjoy the story hehe hm.. what i think about this movie is first,the flow is way too fast for me. sometimes there is no a bridge between one event and another events. So i did not really feel the atmosphere of every scene of the movie. Second, what’s wrong with the girl? i mean Bella. She’s gorgeous but could she please give us one smile??? she did all the gloomy expression all the time, which makes me feel so annoyed.. zzzz Third, the baseball scene is my favorite part! It is cool to see the game like that, the moves are very fast. It supported by the thunder sounds and backsound. It was perfect until the gang from the ‘evil’ vampire came. Zzzzz Merusak! Forth, Edward Cullen is refreshingly beautiful. He has a really white pale skin, it is like he put too much pale make up or something. But all of sudden, in some scene he acted like a ‘dangdut singer’ and it’s creepy!! I don’t know, it was weird, Bella and him was lying on the field full of green grass and flowers and the camera’s view was taken like in India movie or dangdut clips. Eww. But talk about his face, he’s cold as cold as ICE! haha ;p but when i discovered his eyes, eyebrows, red and thin lips, and square chin, i think he is not that creepy in the real life.. there will be only one word…. gorgeous! 🙂

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and the 10 facts are..

1. I love writing & singing

I used to wrote down all of my ideas in so many blank books when i was about 11 years old. I have SO MANY BOOKS with my handwritings on it. I also loved to make ‘cerpen’ from romantic story until the scary one. I love singing since i was about 6, my mom said that the first English song that i can ever sang was Goodbye from Air Supply. The song is very beautiful and touchy haha. So i tried so hard to sing that songs even it was hard (i talk about the English lyrics)

2. My forever obsession : Being a broadcaster

I know i don’t have any special ability in making a super seru conversation, but i really dreamed about someday I’ll be a broadcaster. When i was little (again), i was freaky pretending that i was a broadcaster and talking (alone!) and playing some musics from cassettes like a real broadcaster really do. hahhaa Freak!

3. I don’t like seeing people that is too complicated

I am a complicated person, or maybe i am complicated but at least i try not to show it to anybody. I don’t know why i do not comfort to see people that is too complicated with their lives. I mean they are the one who make it complicated (not about the hard situation that they faced). I love easy going and down to earth people. Uh oh I LOVE DOWN TO EARTH PEOPLE more than other kind of persons. i can easily fall in love with those people.

4. I will never love Mathematics or any subject that needs calculation


I am never into it.

5. I love seeing people


Especially a cute and stylish ones! I will starring at them or stealing chance to look at them a bit. People with cute faces and stylish outfit will always  be more interesting than others hehe. I mean just make them an eye candy for a while. I love to sit, crave for some cemilan, and see people passing by. It is a kind of little entertainment. People are amazing because they are God’s fully customized creatures! No one is the same, except they have a copy cat or twins hehe

6. I think that Chocolate Milk and Mint is the perfect combination that ever made!


Firstly, icha introduced me to this kind of hot chocolate and it tasted veryyy gooodd! It can soothe so many kinds of mood. The smell of a freshness and sweetness is blended together into a cup of drink. So, since then i started to adding mint into my hot chocolate order, it makes it perfect!

7. ……………………………………………

stuck nih, ada yg bisa isiin gak? 😛

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celebrities and their own clothing line

1. SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker


2. Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne


3. Edie Rose by Rachel Bilson for DKNY


4. Chick by Nicky Hilton


5. The Lauren Conrad Collection by LC


6. Paris Hilton for Kitson


7. Heidiwood by Heidi Montag


8. Elizabeth & James by MK and Ashley Olsen


9. Twenty8Twelve by Sienna Miller & Savannah Miller


kalo menurut kalian rancangan nya Miss Paris Hilton norak dan enggak banget,

berarti sependapat sama gw hehe 😛

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Kegilaan CF membuat otak sm mulut gak singkron

Di siang hari, di tutor 3A, kami lagi ‘asyik’ sekali mengerjakan CF. yaitu saya dan teman saya, sebutlah dia “Teman1”. Selain itu ada juga teman saya yg lain lagi main komputer kelas , sebutlah iya “Teman2”. Tiba2 datanglah seorang teman saya yang lain sambil membawa laptop, dan duduklah ia di samping saya dan “Teman1”. Kirain saya dia mau blend with us untuk ngerjain CF. Eh ternyata dia malah asik memutar2 lagu2 aneh (walaupun bnyk yg enak juga) dr laptopnya. Sebutlah ia si “Teman3”. Eh tiba2 dia teriak “Ayo tebak ya lagu apaa???” dan akhirnya kita malah main tebak2 lagu, dan lupa sejenak sama CF. Sampe akhirnya semua ank yg masuk ke kelas itu jadi ikutan.

“Teman3” memutar lagu : Netnetnet nenenenetnetnet (baru intro,belom ada suara penyanyi nya masuk,tp jelas bgt itu lagu soundtracknya Too Fast Too Furious yang nyanyi Teriyaki boys)

trus tiba2 si “Teman1” teriak dengan lantang, PD dan kencangnya menebak judul lagu tersebut: “TOYOTA DRIFT!!”

saya, “Teman2”, dan “Teman3” : ^&%#@&*%#@*&&#@%!#@*&

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another way to advertise blog

we thought that ‘belah tengah’ was a kind of ‘culun style’ bangs back then

but now, so many girls love ’em! its simple and lovely though

but i’m wondering…………..

where did this style come from?


miss kate moss?


victoria’s secret angles?


(used to be) our childhood hero Usagi Tsukino?


PETA’s biggest enemy, mary-kate?


(used to be) Heidy’s bestfriend, LC?


x-miss lachey?


my favorite girl, miss bilson?




my other favorite girls…


jeng dita?


or mba muhamuha?????

hahaha btw, visit mba muhamuha’s blog sometimes and then figure out what’s that on a ‘gadis belah tengah’s mind. She has so many interesting pictures there :))

ps: all the pictures 100% freshly captured by herself!

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ku capai titik itu,

kucapai tempat itu,

lelah otak ku berfikir

berfikir hal yang sama terus..

lelah hatiku ini akhirnya,

marasakan hal yang sama terus..

kucapai titik itu,

kucapai tempat itu,

tak bisa lagi badan ini menerima

aku sedih pelangiku tak ada

atau ia ada, namun hatinya tidak..

membuat suasana menjadi dingin

sedingin mata pelangiku yang terdiam

lalu pelangiku datang lagi,

dengan sejuta rencana manis dan tawa yang tulus

hingga kupendam dalam-dalam rasa dan pemikiran yang kemarin

suara pelangiku seolah memaksa lirihku pergi

begitu terus..

kucapai titik itu,

kucapai tempat itu,

tempat yang lebih enak

enak buat hati dan otak ku

tempat yang enak untuk lirihku

tanpa ada lagi yang memaksanya pergi..

tempat itu sunyi dan agak gelap, namun hangat..

sehangat mata pelangiku disaat ia mencoba membuatku merasa lebih baik

orang-orang paling baik di dunia ini ada di sana, di tempat itu..

mereka menyambutku senang

namun tempat itu memaksaku untuk menyadari,

menyadari hal yang tak mau kusadari,

bahwa cinta ini tak sama lagi

namun aku tak mau..

aku sedih pelangiku tak ada

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is this guy really arrogant?

When we tried to get first photo of him..

he shook and rattled these beautiful feathers..

and when we tried to get more and more photos of him, he would shook this at us..

(Btw, it’s ok because i think he is one of the most beautiful creature that God made…. cantik sekali..)

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Actually this girl wanted me to write a little story about herself in my blog hm.. a weird-good idea for me i thought, she said “why dont you write about SBM people? it must be interesting” hahha. Ok, let me start this little story…She’s the sexiest women alive. Her name ooze sexuality..tass*xxx especially those curly hair and those elastic lips. But she has a very loud voice in a certain time, i mean very LOUD like ‘lengkingan’, especially when she’s mad with someone or just express her feelings. Oh yah, i won’t forget to mention the way she laughs.That is one of the weirdest laugh voice i’ve ever heard. When she’s laughing, all the stuff around is like shaking! (membahana dan bergetar) sometimes what we think is quite normal and not funny, that is very funny for her so that she will laughs like that. So, be careful for all you’re going to say when you’re with her! Hm.. i can say that she’s completely unique. Gerak geriknya is also funny. She’d like to say “KEPPOWW” and act like she wants to give us some hard fist! of course it will be happened when she doesn’t happy with what we say to her. But, watching her moves is kind of a little entertainment, because it is hard to find people with those gerak-gerik haha. And when i ask her opinion about something, she will say the different answer from others. Like, when (maybe) most people say that Luna Maya (LM) is gorgeous and beautiful without BUT, and then she says that LM is stupid although she’s agree that LM is beautiful. Tass* could say that based on the fact that LM cannot give a good speech in front of public and cannot give the best-related answer when she is being asked, (people ask her A, LM will answer Z…. in a PBB event) hahahha Tass*’s mom is the witness :p Tass* is a soon-to-be-a-good-mom too! She is good in baking cookies and cooking more than ‘mie instant’ hahha Oya, and she often says many ‘norak’ words like in jaman Lupus sm Lulu (Dini said), such as : cewe= gadis, kemana = kemensen, sama siapa? = samsi. Zzzzzzzzzzzz…… what a norak words right? but in fact gw suka ketularan said those norak words, its fun though hahahha

Ok, its just another ‘rambut kriting’s story…What a shy boy! He has naturally kribo hair that makes him very cute and funny. He loves capturing every moment in his camera and hunting perfect object in many places (from our lovely campus till Kawah putih). Bag*s can play guitar too, that’s why he is in OOII ( one of the famous band in SBM 2009). Some of his friends have special nickname for him ,like : sugus, gusyi2 ulala, sugab. That is happened because his name is easy to be modified sesuka hati hehe.When he loves a woman he will be too shy to show it that’s why i call him “Shy Boy” hahhaa but he’s kind and helpful although he has a big hair and body, but he’s sweet actually. We can see it from some of OOII’s songs haha. “Badan besar, Hati mawar” is a simple 4 words that can describe him best 😀 Oops almost forgot, he loves food, but he will not hesitate to say NO to Beef! Hm… i think he should try enaknya wagyu (daging sapi pijet).. hehe

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diamonds and stones

i heard some people talked about this thing. About persons who always catch up with all the same people almost every time. So, i started wondering.. wondering why almost everyone (including me) have that ‘comfort zone’. No, it is not about ‘pilih-pilih teman’ like what we have learned from PPKn in elementary school. It is not about we bounded ourselves by a fence. It is not about having some more-important friends than others. Ok, honestly i am getting tired of this issue since i was in Senior high school. I have a confession, i ever have a bunch of girls that always (try to be) together. Yeah you know, talking about every little thing together and try to solve all the problems together. We were not bad, we were not doing bad things. But many people see us that bad, just like we did something really bad. I don’t know exactly what they are thinking but i heard some ‘kabar burung’ about us.Everything is bad. Even worse, one of my friends said that she feel intimidated with us when she saw us passing by or just hanging out together after school. Oh GOD, how could she feel that way? we did nothing, trust me! We just sit, talk, laugh, and chat with other friends around too. And then I started to feel a different atmosphere. I did not feel comfort like the old times. Some of us felt the same, even they pretend to feel comfort since we got everything together back then. All of sudden, everything is change because of many reasons. We were not together anymore. But we are still good friends until now. Everything turns out to be a lot more better …

BUT, that is happened when i was in first year in high school. Only about a year. hahhaha.. But i still found out that some girls still do the same thing. You know, i think that is quite normal ,right? When you feel really comfort in a place fulfilled with some people that you care about, although perhaps someday the situation will change 180 degrees. I mean you don’t know who will stay there for you until you get your own child, you don’t know who will care about what’s going on with your life until you get gray hair in your head. It is a mystery of life… but as long as you feel comfort and in love with all those people. Who can break you guys apart? We cannot force ourselves for being in a place with people that we do not know well, do not know us well, and do not have a plan to know us better. I know , awkward it is.. but you can still being nice to them. No need to push yourself too far from other people. Puh-leaseee, you need to always make friends every where. There are many nice people out there , some of them maybe have a big potential to be in your next ‘comfort zone’ ,who knows? you just have to figure it out.. But in the same time, you have to always keep your lovely best friends close to you. Do not let them feel that you forget about them, show that you care!

I think it is lovely to spend our quality times with people that we love. We can tell them all the stories that we can’t wait to share it all day. And when we meet them it is like all the stories thrown out from our mouth. From the sadness until the happiness all that we share to them. Even dirty things that we did, we confessed it in front of their faces. They do not even shocked ( at least they pretend to be not shocked haha). They act like they know all of the reasons why we do all of those things. When we tell them our happy story, they will give their non-stop smiles (although some of them are fake hahaha but at least they want to show that they are happy too). Yeah all the stories that may be hidden inside when we face other people that we do not feel as comfort as when we are with our loved ones…

When we are having our loved ones around, that is one of the happiest moment in our life

Ok, if you do not agree with me i think you don’t want those people know that they mean so much for you , right?

Love unexpressed is a crime against the heart.

You will realize it in no time..

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