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i heard some people talked about this thing. About persons who always catch up with all the same people almost every time. So, i started wondering.. wondering why almost everyone (including me) have that ‘comfort zone’. No, it is not about ‘pilih-pilih teman’ like what we have learned from PPKn in elementary school. It is not about we bounded ourselves by a fence. It is not about having some more-important friends than others. Ok, honestly i am getting tired of this issue since i was in Senior high school. I have a confession, i ever have a bunch of girls that always (try to be) together. Yeah you know, talking about every little thing together and try to solve all the problems together. We were not bad, we were not doing bad things. But many people see us that bad, just like we did something really bad. I don’t know exactly what they are thinking but i heard some ‘kabar burung’ about us.Everything is bad. Even worse, one of my friends said that she feel intimidated with us when she saw us passing by or just hanging out together after school. Oh GOD, how could she feel that way? we did nothing, trust me! We just sit, talk, laugh, and chat with other friends around too. And then I started to feel a different atmosphere. I did not feel comfort like the old times. Some of us felt the same, even they pretend to feel comfort since we got everything together back then. All of sudden, everything is change because of many reasons. We were not together anymore. But we are still good friends until now. Everything turns out to be a lot more better …

BUT, that is happened when i was in first year in high school. Only about a year. hahhaha.. But i still found out that some girls still do the same thing. You know, i think that is quite normal ,right? When you feel really comfort in a place fulfilled with some people that you care about, although perhaps someday the situation will change 180 degrees. I mean you don’t know who will stay there for you until you get your own child, you don’t know who will care about what’s going on with your life until you get gray hair in your head. It is a mystery of life… but as long as you feel comfort and in love with all those people. Who can break you guys apart? We cannot force ourselves for being in a place with people that we do not know well, do not know us well, and do not have a plan to know us better. I know , awkward it is.. but you can still being nice to them. No need to push yourself too far from other people. Puh-leaseee, you need to always make friends every where. There are many nice people out there , some of them maybe have a big potential to be in your next ‘comfort zone’ ,who knows? you just have to figure it out.. But in the same time, you have to always keep your lovely best friends close to you. Do not let them feel that you forget about them, show that you care!

I think it is lovely to spend our quality times with people that we love. We can tell them all the stories that we can’t wait to share it all day. And when we meet them it is like all the stories thrown out from our mouth. From the sadness until the happiness all that we share to them. Even dirty things that we did, we confessed it in front of their faces. They do not even shocked ( at least they pretend to be not shocked haha). They act like they know all of the reasons why we do all of those things. When we tell them our happy story, they will give their non-stop smiles (although some of them are fake hahaha but at least they want to show that they are happy too). Yeah all the stories that may be hidden inside when we face other people that we do not feel as comfort as when we are with our loved ones…

When we are having our loved ones around, that is one of the happiest moment in our life

Ok, if you do not agree with me i think you don’t want those people know that they mean so much for you , right?

Love unexpressed is a crime against the heart.

You will realize it in no time..


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  1. i agree with you. Quantity is important but quality for me is the most important one.

    Comment by raisa | November 17, 2008 | Reply

  2. Very touching… ❤

    Comment by Claire | April 30, 2010 | Reply

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