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Actually this girl wanted me to write a little story about herself in my blog hm.. a weird-good idea for me i thought, she said “why dont you write about SBM people? it must be interesting” hahha. Ok, let me start this little story…She’s the sexiest women alive. Her name ooze sexuality..tass*xxx especially those curly hair and those elastic lips. But she has a very loud voice in a certain time, i mean very LOUD like ‘lengkingan’, especially when she’s mad with someone or just express her feelings. Oh yah, i won’t forget to mention the way she laughs.That is one of the weirdest laugh voice i’ve ever heard. When she’s laughing, all the stuff around is like shaking! (membahana dan bergetar) sometimes what we think is quite normal and not funny, that is very funny for her so that she will laughs like that. So, be careful for all you’re going to say when you’re with her! Hm.. i can say that she’s completely unique. Gerak geriknya is also funny. She’d like to say “KEPPOWW” and act like she wants to give us some hard fist! of course it will be happened when she doesn’t happy with what we say to her. But, watching her moves is kind of a little entertainment, because it is hard to find people with those gerak-gerik haha. And when i ask her opinion about something, she will say the different answer from others. Like, when (maybe) most people say that Luna Maya (LM) is gorgeous and beautiful without BUT, and then she says that LM is stupid although she’s agree that LM is beautiful. Tass* could say that based on the fact that LM cannot give a good speech in front of public and cannot give the best-related answer when she is being asked, (people ask her A, LM will answer Z…. in a PBB event) hahahha Tass*’s mom is the witness :p Tass* is a soon-to-be-a-good-mom too! She is good in baking cookies and cooking more than ‘mie instant’ hahha Oya, and she often says many ‘norak’ words like in jaman Lupus sm Lulu (Dini said), such as : cewe= gadis, kemana = kemensen, sama siapa? = samsi. Zzzzzzzzzzzz…… what a norak words right? but in fact gw suka ketularan said those norak words, its fun though hahahha

Ok, its just another ‘rambut kriting’s story…What a shy boy! He has naturally kribo hair that makes him very cute and funny. He loves capturing every moment in his camera and hunting perfect object in many places (from our lovely campus till Kawah putih). Bag*s can play guitar too, that’s why he is in OOII ( one of the famous band in SBM 2009). Some of his friends have special nickname for him ,like : sugus, gusyi2 ulala, sugab. That is happened because his name is easy to be modified sesuka hati hehe.When he loves a woman he will be too shy to show it that’s why i call him “Shy Boy” hahhaa but he’s kind and helpful although he has a big hair and body, but he’s sweet actually. We can see it from some of OOII’s songs haha. “Badan besar, Hati mawar” is a simple 4 words that can describe him best 😀 Oops almost forgot, he loves food, but he will not hesitate to say NO to Beef! Hm… i think he should try enaknya wagyu (daging sapi pijet).. hehe


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  1. gee, my name is up there and you didn’t even tell me

    talk about copyright infringement

    Comment by gilangshanahan | October 21, 2008 | Reply

  2. hehe peace out ciklit you are my good friend so i thought its ok, isnt it?

    Comment by nisanisyo | October 21, 2008 | Reply

  3. hihihi..
    malu gw nis…

    Comment by rambutkeriting | October 21, 2008 | Reply

  4. wohoohohohohohohohohoohohohohohoh
    oh i really am flattered the way you wrote things about me My Queen of Hollywood Yahood. Just wait for another of my kepaw moves! HAHA

    Comment by tasol | October 22, 2008 | Reply

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