nisa tells it like it is

mind of hers

and the 10 facts are..

1. I love writing & singing

I used to wrote down all of my ideas in so many blank books when i was about 11 years old. I have SO MANY BOOKS with my handwritings on it. I also loved to make ‘cerpen’ from romantic story until the scary one. I love singing since i was about 6, my mom said that the first English song that i can ever sang was Goodbye from Air Supply. The song is very beautiful and touchy haha. So i tried so hard to sing that songs even it was hard (i talk about the English lyrics)

2. My forever obsession : Being a broadcaster

I know i don’t have any special ability in making a super seru conversation, but i really dreamed about someday I’ll be a broadcaster. When i was little (again), i was freaky pretending that i was a broadcaster and talking (alone!) and playing some musics from cassettes like a real broadcaster really do. hahhaa Freak!

3. I don’t like seeing people that is too complicated

I am a complicated person, or maybe i am complicated but at least i try not to show it to anybody. I don’t know why i do not comfort to see people that is too complicated with their lives. I mean they are the one who make it complicated (not about the hard situation that they faced). I love easy going and down to earth people. Uh oh I LOVE DOWN TO EARTH PEOPLE more than other kind of persons. i can easily fall in love with those people.

4. I will never love Mathematics or any subject that needs calculation


I am never into it.

5. I love seeing people


Especially a cute and stylish ones! I will starring at them or stealing chance to look at them a bit. People with cute faces and stylish outfit will always  be more interesting than others hehe. I mean just make them an eye candy for a while. I love to sit, crave for some cemilan, and see people passing by. It is a kind of little entertainment. People are amazing because they are God’s fully customized creatures! No one is the same, except they have a copy cat or twins hehe

6. I think that Chocolate Milk and Mint is the perfect combination that ever made!


Firstly, icha introduced me to this kind of hot chocolate and it tasted veryyy gooodd! It can soothe so many kinds of mood. The smell of a freshness and sweetness is blended together into a cup of drink. So, since then i started to adding mint into my hot chocolate order, it makes it perfect!

7. ……………………………………………

stuck nih, ada yg bisa isiin gak? 😛


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