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when a vampire try not to drink the most delicious blood


I knew at first that this novel will be a ‘booming’ one. But since i am not that kind of thick book consumer, so i just wait for the movie, because i just can sit, watch, and enjoy the story hehe hm.. what i think about this movie is first,the flow is way too fast for me. sometimes there is no a bridge between one event and another events. So i did not really feel the atmosphere of every scene of the movie. Second, what’s wrong with the girl? i mean Bella. She’s gorgeous but could she please give us one smile??? she did all the gloomy expression all the time, which makes me feel so annoyed.. zzzz Third, the baseball scene is my favorite part! It is cool to see the game like that, the moves are very fast. It supported by the thunder sounds and backsound. It was perfect until the gang from the ‘evil’ vampire came. Zzzzz Merusak! Forth, Edward Cullen is refreshingly beautiful. He has a really white pale skin, it is like he put too much pale make up or something. But all of sudden, in some scene he acted like a ‘dangdut singer’ and it’s creepy!! I don’t know, it was weird, Bella and him was lying on the field full of green grass and flowers and the camera’s view was taken like in India movie or dangdut clips. Eww. But talk about his face, he’s cold as cold as ICE! haha ;p but when i discovered his eyes, eyebrows, red and thin lips, and square chin, i think he is not that creepy in the real life.. there will be only one word…. gorgeous! 🙂


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